OK I  might be a little biased but I think that Kilkenny Designs window is fantastic right now. I haven’t been able to find out to much about it but it seems to be some very clever persons final year project … I just love the colours and fresh look that it brings to Visual merchandising/ Window display , and of course i love and WANT !! all the Buttons !!

I have just today sent my work to a wonderful shop in Plymouth in the Uk called Funky Poppy. I am delighted that they will be stocking my work and i was blown away by their clever/ inventive / on theme window . Olympic Themed with a Button Twist . Window displays are really hard things to do and seeing shops like Kilkenny and Funky Poppy making such a effort and getting it so right is just fantastic. You both win a gold medal from me ;0)

Funky Poppy .. The Button Company http://www.funkypoppy.com  Plymouth, United Kingdom