Button Chess Pieces

Handmade Button Chess Board.

Let me start this with the admission that I can’t for the life of me play chess! I have tried on many occasions and I love the game and respect the skill involved but I am really really bad at the fact I should probably stick to snacks and ladders!

It was a few years back that I was given the challenge to make unique chess set for an avid chess player. I was not too excited by the brief as I didn’t know how I could put my stamp on it but the more I researched and looked into it I really enjoyed the whole process. I made around six sets in total until I was happy with the end product. I made one set of all-white buttons and one set of all-black to be more traditional it was nice but not perfect in my view thankfully my client let me run away and come back with another option. This set with one team of pieces in traditional black and white and the other in full amazing Button colour was the perfect combination.

Chess takes time you have to think ahead, plan, and be creative with your moves the making of this unique chess set was inspired by the game and hopefully will be played with for many years to come. You never know I might actually learn to play by then.