Where do you Ship to?2020-11-12T17:27:55+00:00

Anywhere in the world as long as you have an address we can send it !

Payment options2020-11-12T17:27:55+00:00

My website processes payment using Paypal and Stripe

Other options are that you can call me and pay by card I have a card machine.

You can also send a cheque

Or Pay by bank Transfer

What is the size?2020-11-12T17:27:55+00:00

Each piece now has the size of the piece in the description area beside the image.

How big is my Button problem !!=HUGE !

What is the delivery time on order ?2020-11-12T17:27:55+00:00

My Aim is to get every order out within 3 days . After every order placed i will email you personally and confirm you order and give you an estimated delivery time. The only delay is if I am away doing a Trade or Craft show and even then I will do my best to get your order out as soon as I can.

Do you do custom order designs ?2020-11-12T17:27:55+00:00

Yes absolutely , I love making new pieces with that extra special twist or addition . Send me a email or give me a call and i can walk you through all the information i might need to get started.

Is everything from Button Studio Handmade ? 2020-11-12T17:27:55+00:00

YES.  Each piece is Unique and lovingly handmade , combining the old craft techniques with a contemporary edge. All work is made in my studio in Athlone and all materials ( ingredients)  are sourced and bought from Irish suppliers when possible.

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