Button Studios first ever Studio sale

Today was a big day for Button Studio , our first ever Studio sale and it is going really well. I am currently working on a new collection to be launched at Art source in the RDS later this year so I need all the room I can get.I decided to do a studio clear out and sell my past collection , test pieces and commisioned studys and a few of  my funny studio mascots !!

I like experimenting and trying new things. This ends up with my studio getting very messy and full so this is a great way to spread the fun , clear up some space and also bring in some revenue so I can buy more materials for the new collection so a Win win .

The sale will run for a week or until all the sale items are sold . The button bunny has already sold out today which is exciting. Lots of pieces finding new homes this week .

I used to think that any piece I made had to have a purpose. It had to hang in a picture or be turned into a piece of jewellery but what today has shown me is that people have a effection to a piece and it can just look cute and be pretty .

It is ok to be a shelf object, that is a piece of art also it doesnt have to have a function . Todays best seller was a Little button Bunny and next a ResinLego man and a Button Tedyy bear. All handmade piece from resin and reclaimed Buttons . No purpose other then to look pretty and bring a smile to your face.

Wonderfully unique and uttlery odd but in the best possble way .

With all the mass produced items out there I have learned that owning a object that nobody else has has merit and makes it extra special and if you can get it at a discounted price even better ! .

Studio sale is on till the end of the month.

Check it out https://buttonstudio.ie/sale/