This is the first time i have had a chance to tell you about the day  Maria Mullarkey came to film at the Button Studio. I was very lucky to get selected to be filmed for RTE Nationwide program . I am not sure how it happened but i am very glad and honored to have had the opportunity. From the day i got the call there was great excitement. I had grown up watching this show and to think i might be on it was very funny indeed.

Before filming there was allot of cleaning and fluffing and tidying and hiding !! and squeezing and sweeping involved . My studio is a lovely place all the time but it is very small so trying to make it look neat was a bit of a challenge . They started the filming off with the interview where i was hooked up to a mic and poor Maria had to try and ask me questions so as to get some sort of intelligent answer out of me !!  Being nervous and being told to stand still on one spot my hands revolted and started flying around in a mass of expression ! to the bemusement and horror of the camera man ! . For editing and for sound my hands banging around was not going to cut it so my hands where then sent to my pockets !! for the rest of the interview !! ;0)

The rest of the day was spent filming the processes and steps involved in making my jewellery and we had great fun at this working out angles and views and redoing things over and over again .. I must admit i do giggle at the fact i am one of the few people to be filmed for the telly wearing a full face mask !! very attractive !

We finished filming with a trip out to Core Crafted Design where i was filmed dropping in new stock to Aileen who kindly agreed to be in the clip ;0)

All in all it was a fantastic day i enjoyed every scary minute of it  and Maria did a fantastic job editing it all together . The response since the show has just been amazing . Irish people are so generous with there kind words of support , i was really blown away . Nationwide is a Irish production that is a fantastic program for Irish Companies like mine . They cover a huge array of stories and are a nice break from the doom and gloom on the news currently . They focus on Short bursts of good news stories and things happening in local areas around Ireland . We are very lucky to have a program like it and i was very lucky to get the opportunity that i did and i am very grateful  for it .

Here is a link to YouTube link for the show