I have always loved pebbles especially sea pebbles with their smooth texture and colours. They have had a ruff  life being thrown around allot . They all have a story so in that way they are very similar to a button. I have been working on a interesting project , looking into using stones in my work for a client. I am finding it refreshing to be working with the variety of textures and shapes , the imperfections of each pebble and the unique characteristics and working with the challenge of trying to make them into wearable pieces.

The above image is some samples that i am working on that leaves the pebbles texture exposed and natural .

These  samples are fully encapsulated in resin, so they look wet all the time and their natural patterns and colour flecks get amplified . These kind of pieces are a far cry from my normal work but i think it is very important as a artist to push yourself into new areas and keep learning .