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    ButtonLego Gallery piece

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    Not your average family Portrait This fresh creative piece adds fun to any home. This piece is tailor made to represent your family . Each Buttonlego man would have a certain colour to represent the family member , be it their favourite football team or Pink for the family princess black for that one family member ! ! I have also made this piece for a family using their heirloom family button tin buttons  to add in that special magic to the piece . Custom made , unique piece , the new family Portrait with a modern twist .
  • This unique colourful piece is inspired by the nursery Rhyme Twinkle Twinkle. These handmade resin and Button People are dotted all over the piece peeping through a canopy of stars  . Signed original Size 26cm Wide 65cm tall
  • Adorable framed picture with dancing button people , unique and full of colour Comes in a cute branded gift box Size : 25cm wide x 25cm high
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