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Everything you see here is handmade, which means that no two items are the same.

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  • Bee Happy

    Brand new addition to the collection .. Bee Happy .. uplifting and motivating with a dash of Cuteness ! Perfect gift for any occasion . Comes in a Gift box
  • This Limited addition signed gallery piece is a stunning addition to any wall . Handcrafted resin and reclaimed Button bees and hand stitched flowers , a inspirational piece of colour and joy . Signed , unique Framed Original Size 26cm by 65cm
  • Buzzing Bee !! BEE Happy .. perfect for a unique wedding , anniversary , engagement present or just because you love it . Comes in a gift box size :25cm wide x 25cm High
  • Cute as a Button . Little Jelly Beans made from Buttons ! so instead of jelly beans i call them Belly Buttons ! A cute addition to any tree this Christmas .. Size 5.5cm tall and 3cm Wide ! Limited addition
  • Bubbly Boy

    Perfect present for any new Bubbly Boy to the World ;) Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • This piece is a bundle of colour and fun. A resin and reclaimed bundle with a cute button baby on top in neutral primary colours so perfect for all those pre baby presents when you just dont know if its a girl or a boy this piece works for all .. Comes gift boxed Size 15.5cm x 20.5 cm High
  • This pretty little angel is handmade from Clear Resin and Reclaimed buttons . The perfect addition to any Christmas tree and a beautiful gift to give and receive. Simply , cute and full of fun .. not just for Christmas but can hang on any window and catch the light all year round.  Wings Included !! Size : 2cm wide ! and 3 cm Tall ! Limited addition
  • The Original Button Studio Christmas Decoration. This beauty is a modern take on a classic Christmas tree . Made from Clear Resin and Reclaimed Buttons . Colours will vary and wont be as bright as the other decorations , has a slightly matt finish. The perfect addition to any tree . Size : 5cm wide at the widest branch ! and 4.5cm tall Limited addition
  • The cutest Gingerbread man you ever did see .. Handmade from clear resin and Reclaimed buttons almost !! good enough to eat (please don't !) Big smiling face on each gingerbread. Size 3.5cm wide and 4cm tall Limited addition
  • Good enough to eat ! Now i wouldn't recommend it mind you !! but they do look scrumptious ! These are a fun take again from the collection inspired by my childhood. These are clear High grade Resin Jelly babies made from reclaimed buttons. What could be cuter ! colours may vary but cuteness Never !! Signed Originals , Each piece is unique No Jelly Babies harmed in the making !! 28cm tall 33cm wide
  • Not your average family Portrait This fresh creative piece adds fun to any home. This piece is tailor made to represent your family . Each Buttonlego man would have a certain colour to represent the family member , be it their favourite football team or Pink for the family princess black for that one family member ! ! I have also made this piece for a family using their heirloom family button tin buttons  to add in that special magic to the piece . Custom made , unique piece , the new family Portrait with a modern twist .

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