My Stockists Button girl is having a baby

As all Button sales are made to order the website store will be closed until 31st May. You can still browse the site though. If you need anything urgently please email Check out my lovely stockist list. If you need a piece in a hurry they will be happy to help.
  • Bee Happy

    Brand new addition to the collection .. Bee Happy .. uplifting and motivating with a dash of Cuteness ! Perfect gift for any occasion . Comes in a Gift box
  • Hugs and Kisses .. Simply will make anyone smile. Handmade from reclaimed buttons and Resin and Scrabble pieces .. Can be customised using any letters you like just message me when ordering . Comes gift boxed. A perfect gift for any occasion .
    What two letters would you like instead if the X and O (optional)
  • Buzzing Bee !! BEE Happy .. perfect for a unique wedding , anniversary , engagement present or just because you love it . Comes in a gift box size :25cm wide x 25cm High
  • Live Love Laugh Medium Picture a lovely playful inspiring piece that will brighten up any room . Size : 25cm wide x 25cm high Comes Wrapped in a ribbon in a custom Gift Box
  • A lovely new Addition to the collection . Live Love laugh is exactly what Life should be about great for as a gift for any occasion or just a treat for yourself Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm highComes in a handmade gift box with ribbon so no need to wrap .
  • Mr & Mrs

    The Perfect alternative to the traditional wedding/engagement present.. Comes in a handmade box with ribbon so no need to wrap Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • Bubbly Boy

    Perfect present for any new Bubbly Boy to the World ;) Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • Simply and elegant like every Gorgeous girl . Perfect New baby girl gift comes in a gift box too . 
    Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • Fresh and Unique and a wonderful solution to that tricky wedding present problem . Comes in a cute branded gift box Size : 25cm wide x 25cm high
  • Home is where the heart is .. Medium size .. Perfect present for any new home owners ;0) Size : 25cm wide x 25cm high .. comes gift boxed
  • Perfect present this framed piece a cute inspirational piece to encourage anyone to REACH FOR THE STARS Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • A beautiful unique framed piece made with handmade little resin button people and colourful buttons floating up to the sky Size 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • A piece inspired by the traditional Nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. A fresh new take using reclaimed buttons and clear resin. This piece is the perfect gift for any new addition to the family or to grace any nursery .   15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • This piece was create as a solution to the boring outdated wedding gift ! Match made in Heaven is a charming piece made from clear resin handmade people made from real matches floating in a hand cut fabric lined  cloud sky ! The Perfect Wedding gift for todays modern couples 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high
  • Handmade little Button and resin houses with button hearts at the centre , The perfect gift for any new home .
  • True to its name this handmade piece is As cute as a Button. A perfect present for a important child's birthday or birth .  
  • Harmony and Happiness piece is made from Reclaimed Buttons and resin Koi Fish. The Handmade Koi fish symbolise Harmony and Happiness and when you add Buttons to this mixture the finished piece  radiates happiness and a colourful harmony !
  • Woof Woof

    A must have for any dog lover . These cute little handmade Button and resin dogs makes for a perfect picture.
  • For any chess lovers out there this is the perfect new addition to the button collection. Love you to pieces is handmade with custom made chess pieces made from recalimed buttons. Comes gift boxes and is certianly the right move for any chess lover . Size 15.5cm wide 20.5cm high
  • Your heart and your instincts are far more reliable than your brain. When you follow your heart, you can be sure you won't regret it later. This is a colourful playful piece perfect to give as a gift or to keep yourself for some inspirtation. Size : 15.5cm Wide x 20.5 cm High Comes in a gift box
  • Friendship

    Nothing more important then having a great friendship circle in your life why not celebrate it with this cute piece. Handmade Button people representing the power and strengh in a friendship circle
  • This piece is a bundle of colour and fun. A resin and reclaimed bundle with a cute button baby on top in neutral primary colours so perfect for all those pre baby presents when you just dont know if its a girl or a boy this piece works for all .. Comes gift boxed Size 15.5cm x 20.5 cm High
  • A modern take on a traditional nursery rhyme. Twinkle Twinkle is the perfect new baby gift . Would fit in seamlessly to any children's room . Handmade resin and button people , designed to twinkle and inspire .
  • This piece is made to inspire , encourage and enhance . Handmade Button and resin people with hand spun wires topped off with a star . A perfect gift for a new school chapter or new job or just for yourself to remember in a very cute way to believe in yourself. Size : 25cm wide x 25cm high

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